It’s time to make a shift. A shift into a whole buncha new nouns (yah, that’s right! people, places and things) that will turn my mind a different direction leading me to the unknown and unchartered. For example, I’ve never been to Austin, Tx. And I don’t mean SXSW Austin, Tx. I mean the City as it normally is…I’m too old for crowds-just a healthy livelinesss will do. ha! So I’m putting that on my to-do/vision list right now.

Can U imagine finding yourself around sunset playing in these 70 degree terquoise water falls in Arizona? I can! Not only is there one waterfall to play in, there are actually five. I would love to see these with my own eyes!

Next, I’ve mentioned this dreamy Surf Lodge before, but Folks, “IT’S TIME” I say! If this doesn’t scream “WW” I don’t know what does. Dying to check this joint out. Just a short jaunt over to Montauk, NY. Done!

And my last HUGE wish-list item that I know would really make me come alive is…Australia. I have yet to visit there (just give me a horse tranquilizer to pass out on a flight that painful-yikes!) but I know it will be right up my alley once I land. I love to travel and welcome any further recommendations on these spots, or others as well!

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